Vegan Weight Loss – Why Several Are Heading Down This Road

If you are seeking to drop weight but you are uncertain ,Vegan Weight Loss – Why Several Are Heading Down This Road of just which roadway to take – you are not the only one. There are an infinite variety of weight-loss books as well as products readily available to acquire nowadays, yet unusually sufficient – individuals are still overweight. Why is this. Something should be wrong. The amount of items as well as information offered on weight loss simply gets people frustrated, and the contradicting diets and recommendations make us wonder if finding a suitable diet below every one of the garbage out there is actually worth the stress.

Vegan Weight Loss - Why Several Are Heading Down This Road


Let me present you to the vegan diet regimen. Nothing right here is my point of view, but is a combination of truths, success tales, and also scientific studies.

What is the vegan diet plan? 

Veganism is a plant-based diet regimen and also omits the usage of all animal products consisting of meat, dairy products, eggs and also honey.

Why will you reduce weight on the vegan diet regimen?

1. The vegan diet is normally reduced in fat due to it being primarily plant-based. 


2. Vegetables and fruits are low in fat, and you can appreciate them in a huge amount without consuming an excess of calories.


3. Whole-grains are also reduced in high as well as fat in protein (as an example, brown rice) and also fiber. You will certainly consequently feel satisfied after a dish including whole-grains.


4. Nuts and also seeds, avocado, olive oil and also coconut oil contain higher levels of fat, however are healthy and balanced fats as well as are needed to our diet regimen.


5. When these healthy and balanced fats are eaten in moderate quantities everyday – our wellness will enhance.


You will certainly drop weight on the vegan diet because all high-calorie, high-fat meat and also milk foods are removed. Without the consumption of fatty lamb, pork, cream, butter as well as cheese – weight management is mosting likely to come off effortlessly. Indeed, veganism is the excellent lifestyle for those who want to shed some excess weight.


Evidence that weight loss on the vegan diet plan is feasible:


Let’s compare the calorie web content of 2 groups of foods The very first group is non-vegan foods whilst the second group is vegan foods.

Non-vegan foods.

100g of cheddar cheese = 402 calories
100g of eggs = 155 calories
100g of lamb = 294 calories
100g of pork = 173 calories
100g of potato chips, cheese flavor = 551 calories
Average calories per 100g of non-vegan food = 315

Plant-based foods:

100 broccoli = 34 calories
100g apples = 52 calories
100g wild rice = 111 calories
100g tofu = 76 calories
100g almonds = 576 calories
Typical calories per 100g plant-based foods = 170

Based upon the above calorie-content comparison, the vegan diet plan is significantly reduced in calories than a basic diet. This test shows that a person can eat practically two times as much food on the vegan diet regimen than a basic diet before equalizing the calories eaten.


  • There are countless vegan weight management success tales out there – in publications as well as on the net. Below are 2 instances:
  • One male from the Netherlands (let’s call him M.V.) had the ability to lose 26lbs (12kg) in simply 6 weeks on the vegan diet.
  •  That’s an average of 4.3 pounds (1.9 kg) weekly! (Note that this quick weight management is common for obese individuals that take on veganism.) 
  • This guy also reaped various other health benefits including lowing his high blood pressure and raising his power levels. M.V. declares that he plans never to go back to a standard diet plan once more.
  • One more well-known vegan that shed a ton of weight is Angela Stokes. 
  • This female took her vegan diet regimen to the following level as well as came to be a raw food vegan overnight (a 100% plant-based diet). She lost over 154lbs (70kg) on the raw veganism lifestyle.
  • Yes, the many plenty of success tales vouch for the fact of weight loss on the vegan diet plan. Why not Google ‘vegan success stories’ for yourself.

Vegan Weight Loss – Why Several Are Heading Down This Road

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